Nutrition for Kids

Taking the stress out of food, learning to eat happily in the amount our bodies need

Areas of Practice:

• Picky Eating
• Food Aversion
• Food Aversion for ASD
• Weight management
• Elimination Diets
• Eating Disorders
• Allergies
• Family Meal planning

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Picky Eating and Food Aversion

Some kids may have very limited variety, have fear or anxiety around eating, will only eat foods of certain colours or textures, or may be starting to suffer from malnutrition. This is often called food aversion.
Even kids without food aversion may need some structure to be sure they’re well on their way to being good eaters.

We can work together to make meal times relaxing and productive. Using a combination of Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility, STEPS+, food-chaining, and sensory methods, kids will slowly but surely learn to eat a variety of new foods.

Weight Concern

It can be hard to make sure kids get the right amount of food for them, and even harder to do so without stress or becoming obsessive with food.
Whether you worry your child is eating too much or too little, together we can take a non-diet, non-weight-centered approach to getting you and your kids relaxed and happy about getting the food they need to be themselves.

This may involve:

• Learning good attitudes to food for life
• Learning to listen when our bodies are hungry and full.
• Healthy body image and self esteem

Elimination Diets for Behavioural Concerns

Have you ever wondered if additives such as colours, flavours or preservatives are affecting your child’s behaviour?
Food chemicals may be involved in tantrums, aggression, rashes, migraines and hyperactivity.

A study with children with ADHD showed at least 60% improved behaviour following a strict elimination diet.

By reducing some natural and artificial food chemicals such as salicylates and amines, as well as some colours, preservatives and antioxidants, this elimination diet may enable you to discover if food is a factor in your child’s behaviour.

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