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How much does it cost to see you? 

Initial appointments go for about 50 minutes, and cost $110. Follow-up appointments are about 25 minutes and cost $65. (These prices are subject to change.)

Are any discounts or rebates available?

Medicare rebates are available if you have a referral from your GP with a care plan. Talk to your GP about EPC or Team Care arrangements.

Discounts available for Health Care Card Holders and Pensioners on request. DVA patients are 100% bulk billed.

Private health insurance rebates are available. The particular amount depends on your health fund and level of cover. Contact your provider for details.

What should I expect in a consultation? 

Consultations are unique, just like you.

Generally appointments will look a little like this:

  • Initial consultations involve a full nutrition assessment, discussing your goals and making a plan.
  • In follow-up appointments we’ll check in to see how the plan is going, make any changes needed, learn knowledge and skills, and build motivation for making the changes you want. Some people use these appointments as accountability check-ins.

Still have questions? Contact me here.  

Book an appointment here.


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