Enjoying the Silly Season

It’s easy to view the holiday season with great trepidation, forseeing many social occasions where we will eat and drink more than we intend, leaving an uncomfortable over-full feeling.

Why does this happen? I’ll try to cover a few big ones today.

We lose track of what we’ve eaten because the hor d’oeuvres keep circulating and the alcohol keeps getting magically refilled.

It’s proven that this way of eating reduces your ability to remember what you’ve eaten, and the memory of eating is a big part of satiety. Here are some tips to enhance your food memory:

  1. Get a little serviette or plate and decide how many times you’d like to fill it: maybe one or two, depending on your hunger and the size of the plates.
  2. Don’t let your alcohol glass be refilled until you’ve finished it, and alternate every second glass with water. It might be helpful to set a number of glasses that you’d like to drink.
  3. Really pay attention to the food you eat: how does it look, taste and feel? Would you like another one? How many have you had?
  4. Eat a few roving snacks, then wait half an hour to see if you’ve still got room.

There is such a lovely spread of food, we simply want to try everything.

  1. Look over the buffet or spread and choose which three or four things you really want to eat. This could be your favourites, something you’ve never had before, or a dish a loved one has gone to extra lengths to make special.
  2. Try the ‘1-2 plates full’ trick here as well. One savoury and one sweet plate is often enough.
  3. Once you’ve had enough to eat, get involved in the rest of the party. Get onto the dance floor, run around with the kids, or get into a really in depth conversation. Parties aren’t just for eating, and it’s the wonderful company that really makes it worthwhile, and that you’ll remember.

I wish you a very happy holidays – enjoy the delicious food (mindfully!) and the downtime.



3 thoughts on “Enjoying the Silly Season

  1. Jordan Ring

    Excellent thoughts on surviving the onslaught of food during the holiday times! It is definitely difficult to maintain any sense of a diet when delicious food is everywhere to be found! Great tips Jess!

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