Seasonal Veg of the Month: Cucumber – and how to use it

Cucumber: Crispy and refreshing, cucumber has heaps of vitamin C and K, as well as lots of water for hydration. I found 10 more to use it apart from a simple (though timeless!) garden salad.

  1. Tzatziki – Greek yoghurt and cucumber dip | SBS Food.
  2. Italian Style Tomato Onion and Cucumber Salad | Food Network
  3. Salmon and cucumber sandwiches – these look beautiful! | Yahoo Lifestyle
  4. Refrigerator pickles | Instructables
  5. Vietnamese Summer Rolls | Martha Stewart
  6. Sushi with avocado and cucumber | Je Suis Alimentageuse
  7. Thai Chilli and Cucumber Salad | Taste
  8. Cut into sticks and dip into hummus. (maybe even tzatziki for a double cucumber hit)
  9. Sunomono (Japanese Cucumber Salad) | Japanese Cooking 101
  10. Cucumber Salad with Mint and Basil | Good Food

Have a happy cucumber-filled November! xx

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