What to do when you have WAY TOO MUCH silverbeet.

Yesterday I was at the shops and I saw an amazing special – $1.50 for a massive bunch of silverbeet. “My goodness!” I thought, “How cheap and nutritious!” So I bought some.

Unfortunately today our fortnightly veggie box came and what is in it? Another huge bunch!

This caused a little bit of panic. The fridge is now mostly silverbeet, and I don’t have any idea how to use it. So I set out to research how on earth to use it all up. Silverbeet is sometimes called swiss chard, or even just ‘spinach’.

I have compiled a top 10 list in case anyone else falls into the same mess as me.

  1. Browse your favourite website for recipes. I like Taste. I also discovered that you could substitute silverbeet leaves for spinach. So here are taste’s recipes for spinach.
  2. Make a fresh salad – if you have young tender leaves of silverbeet, they make a nice salad. Try red onion, tomatoes, walnuts, and your choice of salad dressing.
  3. Make a warm salad. If you have tougher silverbeet, cooking it first is the way to go. These two look delicious: Ceres Orange Silverbeet Salad and Lemon Roasted Chickpea Silverbeet Salad (chickpeas are my favourite!).
  4. Indian curries go really well with silverbeet – palak paneer can be made with silverbeet instead of spinach.
  5. While I was on the SBS site I saw this frittata recipe. I’m craving frittata now!
  6. This fancy yoghurt and silverbeet dip looks delicious.
  7. The main difference between silverbeet and spinach is the stalks – apparently they make a nice crunchy addition to stir-fries, goulashes and the like. Definitely going to try it!
  8. Wrap salmon in it, apparently.
  9. Or the time-honoured favoured favourite – silverbeet and cheese triangles. Yum!
  10. If you simply cannot eat all the silverbeet before it goes off, you can blanch for 1-2 minutes and press dry, then freeze for up to 3 months (details here)

Well, I’m off to blanch and freeze a bunch of silverbeet. If you see some in the shops, you’ll now know what to do with it. Good Luck 🙂

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